I can’t believe that this girl is already 6 months old.  Where has the time gone?!?  It has been so great watching her grow up on Facebook and now getting to shoot these summertime vibe six month old photos.  Little Miss Zoey was full of smiles and just one of the happiest babies I have been able to take photos of!  I love the outfits that her mom picked out for her.  The bright yellow flowers really makes me ready for summertime and then the adorable blue and red outfit polka dot outfit was just too cute!  Zoey also had a beautiful pink dress and we loved pairing that with a bright backdrop!  Take a look!

6 Month summertime photos

baby feet

6 month summer photos of little girl

Summertime photos of 6 month old

Black and White photos of 6 month old

6 month girl in pink dress and bow

6 month girl in wooden chair

6 month studio session with girl

Little girl in pink dress laying on white fur rug

Black and white 6 month old

Happy girl with her stuffed animal during photos

Happy girl with her stuffed animal during photos

Happy 6 month old at the studio

Family photos in the studio

Nebraska Family Photographer

I love that we were also able to get some great smiles for family photos!  Zoey LOVES the bear that her uncle got her.  I was told the story about how they realized that she loved that bear.  Zoey’s dad was play fighting two stuffed animals with her cousin, Jaden.  It just so happened to be this bear and another animal.  They all thought that she was laughing because of all of the funny noises they were making, but then realized it was the bear that she was laughing at.  We made sure to get some photos of that as well 🙂

Thanks for coming over to the studio to take these photos!  I can’t wait for her one year photos, although time can slow down!  I just love her little smiles, laughs and the summertime outfits she had for these photos!!