Sylvia and Cody were married on a rainy June day.  She had beautiful purple and pink flowers, blue shoes and lace appliqué on her strapless wedding gown.  I was so blessed to help second shoot this wedding with Shandie from Stewart Photography.  They were married at the First United Methodist Church near the Nebraska Wesleyan Campus and had their reception at the Firefighter’s Reception Hall in Lincoln.  We were so lucky that it was the perfect cloudy day all day until the reception, then it down poured.  They had planned out such a perfect day down to the very last details.  Take a look!

Wedding Flowers, Shoes and Dress

First Look at Nebraska Wesleyan

First United Methodist Church, Lincoln NE

Bride and Groom Exit First United Methodist Church, Lincoln NE

Summer Wedding in Nebraska

Bride and Groom portraits in tall grass

Bridal Party at Pioneers Park

Groomsmen at Pioneers Park, Lincoln NE

Watch giving to groom by bride

Bride and Groom Portraits

Groom Portrait

Lincoln Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Nebraska Wedding Photographer Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Holding hand walking through fields

Sylvia and Cody had one of the best cake smashes I have ever seen.  The laughter that these two shared along with their guests were the best.  Even the Ring Bearer enjoyed it!  A slideshow was put together for Sylvia and Cody and it was so special.  I love seeing the past photos of the couple from when they were babies to when they started dating.  It tells so much about a couple.

Cake Cutting at the Firefighters Reception Hall, Lincoln NE

Ring Bearer

laughter at the slideshow during reception

Toasts at the Lincoln Firefighters Reception Hall

First Dance at the Lincoln Firefighters Reception Hall

Mother and Son dance First Dances

Dancing at Lincoln, Ne reception

Lincoln Nebraska Wedding Reception

Dancing at Lincoln, Ne receptionA huge Thank You to Shandie for having me help you with this fun wedding.  I love traveling for weddings, but also love it when I get to stay around my town of Lincoln, especially when it is a beautiful wedding like this!