Goal Review: Lets see how we did this year because I have not looked back at this at all 🙁

Stacy Kamler Photography

Shoot 10 Weddings as a Primary Shooter – YES, I had 11 weddings!

Shoot 4 Weddings as a Second Shooter – I only shot 3 year!

Partner with two more Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Photography – I connected with one more and hope to connect with a few more in 2020!

Book 2 Grow-with-me Collections, 5 Seniors and participate in 2 Styled Shoots.- I finished up 2 grow-with-me sessions from last year and booked two more!  I contacted with 7 amazing seniors this year and had so much fun with that!  I did not participate in any styled shoots this year.

Blog my weddings within 48 hours of the Wedding. – I did great until the last three weddings of the year!  Just got them all finished though a few months ago!

Take the Flash/Lighting Course that I had purchased a few years ago – Still have not even looked at that email 🙁

Watch my KJ All Access Videos – Working on this!!  Yay!

Keep track of my accounting records once a month – Expenses, Income, Mileage, and Tax! – I did better at the beginning of the year.

ReWrite my About Me section on my Website and redo the home page photos.  I also need to update my Gallery photos. – Yes, I did get this done!!

Post to Facebook and Instagram 3 times a week – I would say I was on social media enough!

Shoot more Film – I also didn’t work on this much this year, hopefully in 2020!

Personal Goals

Finish the update to our Kitchen – It is close to being done!  The fan and a few pieces of trim still need to be installed!

Replace our Carpet – We did get our living room done, still working on hallways and bedrooms!

Instead of making scrapbooks, make KISS or Shutterfly books – Didn’t get to work on this 🙁

Read a book for fun every 3 months – I did read 2 or 3 new books this year!  Of course, the last book in the series has not came out yet.

Eat out twice a week – Well, Next question….

Follow our budget and put money into savings – We will work on this in 2020.  We bought a Semi, so starting a new business is a bit expensive at first!

Begin planning out Greece trip for 2020 – This has now been changed to Hawaii.

Plan our Trip to the New England Colonies – This trip was so much fun!

Try out 50 new recipes – Maybe this year….

So overall, 2019 was just a bit crazy and not much structure.  I was busy doing a whole lot of random stuff, but not much on my list.  Maybe next year!