5 Things Friday | February

1. Winery

Our Valentine’s Day Dinner was the perfect evening spent with friends, good food and good wine!  The rest of the weekend was amazing.  We partnered with Lulubee Artisanal Chocolates for a wine and chocolate tasting.  We sold out so fast that we had to order more for Saturday!  It was a great time!

2. Our pups

They are pretty much still our life.  Kahlua went to a one month long training program and she actually did learn a few things.  Now we just get to keep it up!

3. California Trip

Ryan and I took a trip to visit his Grandma in California along with other family members!  We watched the Super Bowl, did some wine tasting, ate lots of food, went to Heartz Castle, and watched the Sea Lions come up on shore.  It was such a fun week away and we were so happy to see everyone and the sun!

4. My Birthday

I have been working at the winery many more hours than last year and my birthday was on a Friday this year.  I was so tired from labeling 1000 bottles of wine that I just wanted some supper.  He surprised me by having our friends meet up at Ya Yai’s Pizza.  It was so great seeing everyone!  On Friday, the Wildwood Duo played at the winery and so I worked and listed to some great music!

5. Trucking

We have been trucking along with our new business that we started in October!  S&R Trucking.  Ryan has been such a great husband and has been working so hard so our dreams can become a reality!