Stacy Kamler Photography

Shoot 6 Weddings as a Primary Shooter

Partner with two more Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Photography

Book 5 Seniors

Blog my weddings within 48 hours of the Wedding

Take the Flash/Lighting Course that I had purchased a few years ago

Watch my KJ All Access Videos

Keep track of my accounting records once a month – Expenses, Income, Mileage, and Tax!

Shoot more Film – I also didn’t work on this much this year, hopefully in 2020!

Sell my Sigma 50, Canon 50 and Canon 6D Camera Body

Personal Goals

Finish the update to our Main Floor

Replace our Carpet

Fix our backyard so it is not just a muddy mess when it rains

Instead of making scrapbooks, make KISS or Shutterfly books

Read a book for fun every 3 months

Meal Plan healthy meal options and snacks.  Only eat out two times a week.

Follow our budget and put money into savings

Plan our 5 year trip to Hawaii

Try out 50 new recipes

Learn more about the wine making process

Create new and fun events for the winery

Exercise by going to the YMCA, at home or OBE

Limit pop to once a week