1.  What is a new recipe that I have tried this month?

This month was also my mom’s birthday, so I decided to make her some cupcakes!  These cupcakes came across my email for Valentine’s Day and thought that they sounded AMAZING, and they were!!  If you want a rich, velvety chocolate cupcake, then you must try these Chocolate Pinot Noir Cupcake with Strawberry Compote Filling and Dark Chocolate Frosting from the Nest.  I love that you can actually taste the wine in these cupcakes.   Make sure you buy a really good Pinot Noir 🙂

CupcakePinot Noir Cupcake

2.  How was my Birthday?    

I celebrated by going to the Drew Lynch Comedy show at the Funny Bone in Omaha with Erin, Maxine and Tamara.  We had such a great time and I don’t think that I have laughed that hard in a long time!  We even waited in line to get met Drew after the show and got a good photo of all of us.

Drew Lynch Comedy Show

3.  What song is on repeat on Pandora?

Hurricane  by Lifehouse has been showing up on my radio station a lot recently.  I love this style of music and this now has become one of my favorite songs!

4.  What is my current project that I am working on at home?   

Ryan and I have been wanting to redo our kitchen for awhile now.  For our wedding we had asked for gift cards to Menards to help with the expense.  We finally have enough saved up to be able to start this process.  Since I can’t make decisions for the life of me, I have a feeling it is going to be a long process.  We are at the point where we are looking for different layout designs and also different cabinets.  What color, what kind of countertops, appliances?!?  Decisions, Decisions…

5.   What is a purchase that I recently made?  

For my Birthday, I spoiled myself with a mini shopping spree at Swan’s Apparel in Wayne, NE.  My good friend Jen is the owner and I am so excited with what she has done with the store.  It looks amazing and the clothes are just too cute!  I had purchased a fun printed maxi skirt and a super cute summer dress!  If your in the area make sure to stop by!!