1. House Update

A little update on our house remodel.  Lonny has been doing such a great job with our kitchen and I can’t wait for it to be finished!  We have our cabinets painted, the backsplash put up and the countertops done.  Everything looks great, minus our Stainless steel sink.  PLEASE don’t EVER buy one.  They are the worst!!  However, our floor is going in and look great as well!

2. Senior Photos

I have had a few senior shoots this month and have loved every minute of it!  I still have a few more dates open for seniors!!  Lets creates something that is different and You!!

3. Date Day

Ryan and I had a date day and we went and watched the Lion King and then at Vung Tau Pho Grill.  That movie literally made me cry the entire time. I have seen it before, but it is still such a great sad movie.  We also LOVE eating Pho.  It is one of our favorite restaurants in town!

4. Sioux Falls

Erin and I took our dear friend Julie to Sioux Falls for a short weekend getaway.  Sioux Falls was such a fun and beautiful city.  We loved visiting St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the Falls and then the Butterly Pavilion and Aquarium.  I even touched a stingray!  We watched movies, talked, laughed and ate some great food.  It was a perfect weekend with my girls!

5. Fall Family Sessions

I will be traveling for two weeks at the end of September into October and then an additional two week at the end of October to the beginning of November.  My fall session dates will be limited, so if you interested in booking a session, please email me at hello@stacykamler.com