A few months ago, Ryan’s aunt and uncle purchased WunderRosa Winery just outside of Roca.  Les and Trish knew that they wanted to make it their own and had some great ideas, starting with a name change!  If you ever go out to the winery, you will be able to see a perfect view of the State Capitol.  It is beautiful, especially at night!  The name of the winery is now Capitol View Winery and Vineyards.  Les and Trish have made so many changes to the winery and I am so excited to be a part of it!

Capitol View Winery and Vineyards have 2.5 acres of Frontenac and LaCross grapes.  All of their wine is made from Nebraska grapes that they purchase from vineyards in Crete, Firth and North Platte.  They have both red and white wines and are working on a few new kinds that will be featured soon!  The most recent is their Ice Wine!

I am so excited to not only be helping out in their tasting room, but also taking a few photos of their beautiful property outside of Roca.  Capitol View Winery and Vineyards has an old wooden barn behind a tree line.  I am hoping to do a 4 seasons photo with the barn and vines.  I want to show the different stages of the vines and all of the weather that it can withstand.  These are just a few photos from the winter session!

Nebraska Winery

Red barn at winery in roca

Nebraska Barn with ice

Sunlight through barn wood

Capitol View Winery and Vineyards, Roca NE

Frozen Nebraska Grape Vines

Nebraska Grape Vines

Wine barrel with ice

Ice on barn with sun flare

Ice on a barn, Roca NE

Frozen Grass Blades

Frozen Grape Vine, Roca NE

Grape Vines in the winter with ice

Capitol View Winery and Vineyards, Roca NE

If you get a chance to stop out and say hello and have a glass of wine, please do so!  I recommend the Roger’s Red (which will be going through a name change soon!)  Here are the tasting room hours!  See you all soon!

Friday: 12pm-9pm, Saturday: 12pm-9pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm, Monday 1pm-6pm