August, 5 Things Friday is going to be a fun one!  Ryan has been on the road two week at a time this past month, but we were able to spend the Fourth of July together and a week in Oregon.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with each other!

1. Freshly

Just this last week, I had placed an order at Freshly.  Since we all know I just don’t cook much when Ryan is gone, we have decided to order Freshly, to help me eat a bit healthier while he is gone.  I think we might order them for him while in the truck also!  If you have tried this, let me know what you think!

2. My Cousin is Getting MARRIED!

I am so excited that my cousin got engaged this past month!  I get to be a bridesmaids and also plan on taking photos for her wedding!  I can’t wait to plan a Bridal shower and bachelorette party!  We are going to have the best year!!

3. Remy

We decided to put Remy into a hunting school.  She will be there for about a month.  They say she will be the best behaved dog when she come back… well see!  I sure do miss her so much, but only have a few weeks left until we can pick her up!

4. Family Sessions

It is time to start thinking about your Fall Family sessions!  I only have a few weekend dates open for September and October!  My week nights are filling up fast!  If you want to make sure to get the date you want, email me at to reserve your date!

5.  Oregon

Ryan and I got back from our Oregon Vacation about a week ago.  We flew into Seattle and drove up to Vancouver for two nights.  We went across a couple large suspension bridges and ate some great pizza!  Then we traveled to Mount St. Helens.  This place was truly incredible!   Next we drove to Astoria, Oregon on our way to a little town called Illwaco, Washington.  This little fishing community has my heart.  We stayed with a friend who had some amazing views to wake up to.  It was foggy every day we were there, but it was the best.  We went crabbing and tried some fishing also!  I hope to get a blog post up with our trip soon!

Oregon coastline

View from our house

Mount St. Helens